A New Day for Alabama


"I’m not a career politician and I don’t play by their rules. Running for Lt. Governor isn’t about a career or making a living for me. I’m blessed. I’ve got an incredible family, a successful business, and more than I ever dreamed of. For me, this is about what kind of Alabama we’re gonna pass on to the next generation. We have to turn our state around. We have to make our government smaller, smarter, and above all else honest, and if we do, I am absolutely convinced Alabama’s future will be brighter than ever before." - Will Ainsworth


As a Christian and a family man, we can trust Will to restore integrity in Montgomery, improve education across our great state, and create an environment for job creation and opportunity.

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We’ve had enough distractions. We need leaders who will fight for Alabama jobs and not just their own. I want my kids and yours to have the same opportunities we grew up with in Alabama. And I always want them to be proud to call Alabama home.
— Will Ainsworth