YellowHammer: State Rep. Will Ainsworth is running for Lieutenant Governor

As we lurch towards the end of the filing deadline for Alabama’s 2018 election season, another name has been tossed in the race for Lieutenant Governor. Will Ainsworth is a one-term state representative, and small business owner, from Guntersville and announced his intentions on “The Dale Jackson Show” this morning. He stated he will be running on a strong record of ethics reform and conservative issues. Ainsworth explained why he is running for office today:

“I want to use the lieutenant governor’s office as a bully pulpit for issues like workforce development, improving education, fighting new taxes, and promoting conservative causes.”

Why this matters: This race for Lt. Gov. will be the most contested in years, Ainsworth has already raised over $1.2 million dollars for this race. With Governor Kay Ivey’s ascension to the Governor’s office it makes the seat far more appealing and important. Those seeking the office could see it as a stepping stone to the Governor’s mansion.

The details:

— The state of Alabama currently has no Lt. Gov.

— The Republican field for Lt. Gov. consists of Ainsworth, Public Service Commission Chairmwoman Twinkle Cavanaugh, and State Senator Rusty Glover.

— The Democrat field has one candidate, former candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District, Will Boyd.

— Alabama filing deadline is February 9th, with primaries taking place on June 5th.

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YellowHammer: Rick Burgess Endorses Will Ainsworth in Alabama Lt. Governor Race

Rick Burgess, popular radio personality and co-host of the “Rick and Bubba Show,” has endorsed Republican candidate Will Ainsworth for Lieutenant Governor. According to a press release from Ainsworth’s campaign, Burgess believes that Ainsworth’s “fresh perspective, deep religious faith, and devotion to moral principles” make him an excellent candidate for the position.

“Will Ainsworth is a self-made man who doesn’t have to run for lieutenant governor, which makes me want to support him even more because he feels called to serve the state,” Burgess said.  “As an Alabamian, I am tired of hearing the same old names all the time…so let’s get some fresh blood and try something different.  We cannot afford to take a step backwards in this lieutenant governor’s race, and while I have no ill will toward anybody else who is running, I know Will Ainsworth and the job he will do for us.”

Burgess said that new blood is what Montgomery needs in order to clean up the corruption that has plagued the capitol city in recent years, referring to politicians in Montgomery as football coaches with a losing record. Burgess said that men and women of integrity, like Ainsworth, will be able to change our state for the better.

“My family and I are supporting Will Ainsworth for lieutenant governor not just because we love Will, but because we love Alabama, and we know it can do better,” Burgess said.  “I hope you’ll prayerfully commit and join us in supporting Will if not for yourself, then for our children and the next generation.”

Burgess gave his endorsement at an Ainsworth campaign event at the Fish Market Restaurant in Hoover. Ainsworth expressed his gratitude for the endorsement, saying, “Rick Burgess is someone I look up to in life because he uses the platform of radio for the kingdom of God. He has influenced more people for the kingdom of God than anyone I know, so I appreciate his support.”

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YellowHammer: Candidates Making Waves in Alabama’s Lt. Governor’s Race

William Ainsworth (R)
State Representative Will Ainsworth is currently leading the fundraising race, raising $92,000 in August. Ainsworth now has over a million dollars on hand in his campaign fund—$1,031,731.32 to be exact. This is an impressive number considering that his war chest is larger than anyone in the Governor’s race, except perhaps for Kay Ivey with whom he’s neck and neck. In a press release on this achievement, Ainsworth said:

“Our campaign has attracted support from all corners of the state, and I am deeply grateful for the campaign contributions and offers of volunteer support that have been collected in my travels across Alabama. I am determined that our campaign will have the resources necessary to be highly competitive in the Republican primary, a run-off if one is necessary, and the general election, and this finance report shows we are keeping that commitment.”

Mary Scott Hunter (R)
Mary Scott Hunter, who represents Alabama’s District 8 on the State Board of Education, has also generated notable fundraising traction. She’s second behind Ainsworth in cash contributions, raising an additional $73,362.77 in August. This brings the balance of her campaign fund to $194,120.19. On these achievements, Hunter said:

I am incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support from across Alabama. We have met and exceeded our goals every month, and our momentum has only continued to grow. This is going to be statewide grassroots campaign, and my supporters reflect that.

Twinkle Cavanaugh (R)
Public Service Commissioner Twinkle Cavanaugh joined the Lieutenant Governor’s race last month, after moving over from the Governor’s race when it became apparent Kay Ivey would seek a full term. Cavanaugh raised $13,050 in August and has a whopping $587,570.23 on hand, mostly from personal funds.

Benjamin “Rusty” Glover (R)
Rusty Glover has represented Alabama’s 34th district in the Alabama Senate since 2006. Glover raised $6,125 in August and has $56,406.67 in his campaign fund.

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AL REPORTER: State Rep. Ainsworth raises over $1 million in lieutenant governor’s race

State Rep. Will Ainsworth, R-Guntersville, has raised more than $1 million in the lieutenant governor’s race making his campaign funds the top in the race.

In a press release from his campaign, Ainsworth said his campaign attracted supporters from around the state of Alabama. He said he was “deeply grateful” for the support.

“I am determined that our campaign will have the resources necessary to be highly competitive in the Republican primary, a run-off if one is necessary, and the general election, and this finance report shows we are keeping that commitment,” Ainsworth said.


Ainsworth, along with other Republican candidates, filed his financial disclosure forms with the Secretary of State’s Office on Tuesday.

Other Republican candidates in the lieutenant governor race include state Board of Education member Mary Scott Hunter; state Sen. Rusty Glover, R-Semmes; and President of the Alabama Public Service Commission Twinkle Cavanaugh.

No Democratic challengers have registered for the race.

Ainsworth raised $93,025 in contributions, which also meant he raised the most in the race in August. The runner-up in fundraising is Hunter who raised $73,362. Cavanaugh raised $13,050 and Glover raised $6,125 in the race.

In terms of total funds, Cavanaugh comes in second with over $500,000. The money is mostly a holdover from a personal donation from Cavanaugh’s own personal funds. She recently transferred her funds to the lieutenant governor’s race after switching from the governor’s race.

Cavanaugh made the switch after Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signaled she might seek a full term as governor. Ivey took over the position when former Gov. Robert Bentley resigned after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges.

The party primaries for the race are set for June 2018 and the general election is set for November 2018.

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YellowHammer: Jeff Sessions Has Potential To Be Among Nation’s Greatest Attorneys General

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “statesman” as “a wise, skillful, and respected political leader.”

Throughout its history, Alabama has produced scores of politicians, but our true statesmen have been few and far between.

Jeff Sessions is a statesman.

Throughout his public service career as a U.S. attorney, Alabama’s attorney general, a U.S. senator, and, now, as our nation’s attorney general, Sessions has served with integrity, determination, effectiveness, and a genial and gentlemanly nature that earned him respect from friend and foe alike.

In those various roles, each more prominent than the last, Sessions left a lasting mark.

While a U.S. attorney serving under President Ronald Reagan, Sessions filed civil rights charges against Ku Klux Klan members who murdered a 20-year-old African-American man in Mobile. And, at the urging of African-American voters who were tired of the criminal abuse that they alleged commonly occurred in elections, he sought to stop absentee ballot fraud that was prevalent in Alabama’s Black Belt region.

Elected as Alabama’s attorney general in 1994, he defended state law and worked to preserve local funding for local school districts at a time when liberal activists pushed for a Robin Hood allocation model.

In 1996, voters chose him to succeed Howell Heflin in the U.S. Senate, and this is perhaps where Session left his brightest and most indelible mark to date. Shortly after taking office, Sessions began highlighting the issue of illegal immigration which, until that time, had largely gone unnoticed.

Sessions pushed for laws and policies that sought to plug the holes in our southern border and stop the flow of illegal immigrants that continually funneled into the United States. While liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans worked to create a path to citizenship and legitimize those who break our laws with their simple presence, Sessions was a voice of common sense resolve and an advocate for immigration enforcement.

As a result, left-wing groups seeking to shield illegal aliens and liberal columnists who view the world through a Socialist prism hurled tremendous invective and false accusations of intolerance at Sessions, who rightly maintained his hard-line, law-and-order stance despite the attacks.

It can be argued that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was built on the solid foundation that Sessions laid for him as a senator. Many of the issues that Trump promoted and espoused on the campaign trail, including the construction of an impenetrable border wall, were the same ones that Sessions had previously advocated in numerous speeches on the Senate floor.

That is likely why Sessions surprised many in Washington and brought a new and higher level of legitimacy to the Trump crusade by becoming the first U.S. senator to endorse his candidacy while attending a rally in Huntsville.

From that point forward, Sessions was never far from Trump’s side as he offered valuable advice and counsel. Many of the most significant hiring announcements in the Trump campaign, and later in the White House transition period, involved current and former members of Sessions’ staff or other allies he suggested.

Reportedly offered his choice of any cabinet post after Trump’s victory shocked the fake news media and dissolved many Clinton supporters in tears, Sessions asked to serve as attorney general, a role with which he was already familiar and one in which he would cast a large shadow.

Since taking leadership of the Justice Department, Sessions has kickstarted initiatives to combat the opioid crisis and stop the scourge of drugs that destroys lives and tears families apart. He has drawn a line in the sand against so-called “sanctuary cities” who work to shield illegals from the laws they ignore. And he has declared war against the violent and dangerous “Mara Salva-trucha” international gang, better known as MS-13, whose footprint reaches even into portions of rural Alabama.

I strongly support President Trump and his agenda. In fact, if he asked for volunteers to start building his border wall tomorrow, I would be stacking bricks in Texas by sundown.

At the same time, I strongly support and stand beside Jeff Sessions, who remains a committed and trusted member of the president’s team and has the potential to be considered among the greatest attorneys general in our nation’s history.

The rest of the country is beginning to learn what we in Alabama have known for quite some time – Jeff Sessions is no politician, but, rather, he is a statesman to his core.

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