YellowHammer: Ainsworth Announces Candidacy for Lt. Governor

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — Republican State Rep. Will Ainsworth held a rally in Guntersville Saturday evening to announce his candidacy for lieutenant governor. Elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in 2014, Ainsworth is from Alabama’s House District 27, which includes parts of Marshall, DeKalb, and Blount counties.

The focus of Ainsworth’s campaign includes continued ethics reforms, education, and economic development. A proponent of pre-K education and tech-school training to boost literacy and graduation rates.

On ethics, his campaign announcement states:

Since joining the Alabama House, Ainsworth has set himself apart from other members as a strong champion for ethics reform. A member of the House Ethics Committee, he signed Articles of Impeachment against former Gov. Robert Bentley and introduced strict term limits legislation. He also sponsored a recall measure that would allow voters to remove public officials who abuse their office.

His focus on pre-K education, technology in schools, and tech training are reflected in programs he helped launch in Marshall County—Project Literacy and Project Graduation. Like TV personality Mike Rowe, Ainsworth believes Alabama high-skill tech jobs and that youth should consider these positions as alternatives to college-track positions.

With a strong conservative voting record, Ainsworth has “helped kill over a billion dollars in taxes” and is a strong proponent of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, adoption, religious liberty and other socially conservative causes. He also notes his strong support of “other commonsense conservative causes, such as abolishing Obama- era Common Core mandates…and opposing all state tax increases on the citizens of the state.”

Rep. Ainsworth is a commercial cattle farmer and also owns and operates Dream Ranch—”one of the most recognized hunting and fishing lodges in the United States and is founder of the Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo, which draws more than 20,000 attendees annually and is one of the largest trade shows of its kind in the southeast.”

Ainsworth and his wife, Kendall, have three children – a daughter, Addie, and twin boys, Hunter and Hays and the family are members of Grace Fellowship Church in Albertville.

You can view Mr. Ainsworth’s campaign video here.

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